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At TLL, we cater to almost all needs of your leather bags and shoes, whether it is cleaning, complex repairs, maintenance, color restoration or new color, we cover it all. Choose any service that you need. Choose any service that you need.


When it comes to cleaning of leather bags and shoes, one should have a thorough knowledge of the material so that best results could be achieved. At TLL, we delicately clean all leather items whether it is natural or man-made using various methods such as water washing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, or through water-based solvents.

Stain Removal

Leather bags get stained, and some stains can be easily removed. However, some stains need special treatments. TLL also offers stain removal services. Our specialist team can remove stubborn stains like ink stains, dye transfer from clothing, and dogged stains of food and drink spills.

Color Restoration

With time, your leather handbags can become discolored and faded. It takes knowledge, skills, and color matching techniques to restore the color of your leather goods. Our specialists know how to custom mix color to camouflage the stubborn stains.


Discoloration can make your handbags quite embarrassing to carry around. If your bag is soiled, stained, or discolored badly, and if cleaning is not the only option to bring back its beauty, recoloring can fix the problem. Recoloring serves as the last miracle to rescue your valued leather bags and shoes that may lose its glory and value otherwise.


Packages for Leather Bags and Shoes

Package Bag 1
SAR 299

This package is perfect for your leather bags which have undergone wears of almost 2 seasons and have developed light dirt on its interior and exterior.

Package Bag 2
SAR 599

This package if your handbag has seen numerous wears، has scuffed corners and look a bit untidy and discolored.

Package Bag 3
SAR 899

This package is perfect for you if your prized leather handbag has seen its best days but has now faded, worn and now need full cleaning and color restoration.

Package Shoe 1
SAR 100

Our shoe cleaning service will make you fall in love with your leather shoes once again. We care just as much as you do about your precious and expensive leather shoes.

Package Shoe 2
SAR 199

Your shoes can harbor over 10000 types of bacteria as they are in constant contact with the ground, which also creates a bad odor. It is essential to disinfect your dang attractive shoes.

Package Shoes 3
SAR 299

Our signature cleaning service will not only help you get rid of the stubborn stains on your shoes but also restore or change its whole color to give them a new life


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