Consumer Terms and Conditions

Following terms and conditions supersede all prior terms that are applied with users. If you have any remarks, questions, or technical issues regarding our site, feel free to contact us. These terms and conditions were last updated on July 1st, 2020.


Below mentioned terms and conditions refer towards the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both consumers and company with regards to services provided by The Leather Lab. We undertake the utmost care in processing articles that are entrusted to us and use the best suited processes for an individual article. However, TLL does not assume any responsibility for inherent defects, weaknesses, or stains in articles that are not apparent before processing. This condition primarily applies to Suede, Nubuck and Leather.

We would like to share with you that The Leather Lab (TLL) trading name of Creative Care Company, a company registered in Saudi Arabia, registration number 07281788.
Our VAT registration number is 993884348.

Information that we request at the time of order must be filled accurately. It helps us in making products and services personalized for you. TLL will not be responsible for any mistakes you make when placing order.

Orders that you place for personalized products cannot be cancelled. However, if you quickly contact us to cancel your order, we will do our best. Using our website, we do not allow you to upload any image that has a copyright issue. Consumers are not allowed to upload obscene images or text. We might cancel your order and refund your payment in case such images or text is uploaded.


Any item that you book from our services is classed as a firm order when it is paid in full. After order placement, you will receive an order confirmation via email or in-store. Make sure you have thoroughly read the order information. You can inform us within 24 hours of order placing in case you need any changes.


TLL guarantees material and labor for fixed 12 months from the day your item has been collected or delivered.


All prices of orders include the standard rate of VAT unless they are stated explicitly. TLL reserves the right to raise the price of the order in case you request a change in work.


TLL will cover your item(s) in case they are damaged, stolen, or lost beyond repair in circumstances that are beyond our control
Items that are in our care include:

  • Any item which is in process or waiting for service to be carried out.
  • Any item that is in transit with our courier
  • Items waiting for payment.

Liability Limitation

TLL accepts items that are already damaged or in the devalued state. However, if items get damaged under our care, liability will not exceed 10 times of total repair cost irrespective of condition or brand of the item.

Exclusions to Liability

  • Any damage to the item that is not caused by our services
  • Any damage not associated with our agreed services
  • No liability will be accepted by TLL for depreciation in value when the item has been repaired with a satisfactory standard
  • Loss of value against the original model after service

TLL is not liable for:

  • Any defect or damage in the item which we have not been asked or contracted to repair (including hardware)
  • Failures or delays in order due to any cause that is beyond our control
  • Charges may still apply for completed work despite the failed repairs due to inherent problems in structure or material of the item
  • At TLL, industry-standard techniques and professional material are used in services. TLL does not warrant the use of original material and employment of manufacturer processes. We use parts and colors that match with the original item in case original material is not available.
  • TLL will not be liable for any damage to the item that was not notified during booking and order placement.
  • TLL will not be responsible for any outcome that does not satisfy customer expectation in case any service recommended to you is rejected. Company will not pay any compensation.


  • TLL accepts various payment methods such as credit and debit card, bank transfer, and PayPal payment. However, payment must be in Saudi Riyals (SAR). 
  • TLL will not commence any work unless payment is done.
  • Customers will be shortly contacted for payment before carrying out service.
  • Any item left to the company for more than 13 weeks will be disposed of.


  • All lead times at TLL are estimates only. Besides, each quotation states the lead time of order.
  • TLL will not be responsible for any delay in service due to unforeseen conditions or additional requirements.

Colletion & Return

You will be notified for your delivery and collection, once work is finished on item(s).

For delivery:

  • We will deliver your item(s) to your specified locations.
  • We can charge you for re-delivery of items which were returned to us by our couriers
    in case you fail to receive the delivery.
  • We give you an estimated delivery date, and we will not be responsible for delays due to uncertain circumstances.
  • We are not responsible for any item lost or damaged that is not under our care.
  • We will not deliver the order unless payment has been received by the company.


  • You must notify us within 7 days of your order collection and delivery in case of any complaint with our craft on your item(s).
  • You must notify within 24 hours if there is any stain, mark, or blemish on the item that was not listed during order confirmation.
  • We will not accept any return or refund just because our customer has changed their mind.
  • We will not accept requests for a refund where a change to order had been requested that cannot be fulfilled.
  • All materials supplied by you to use in completing your order will be free of charge. Moreover, we will return any surplus material upon order completion.

Treating Stains

  • TLL does not guarantee removal of stains that are heavily soiled on item(s).
  • Basis price of cleaning does not include removal of stubborn stains.
  • Any stain on leather that cannot be removed, we will hide it with matching color. This process cannot be done on nubuck, suede, canvas or fabric. This service is not part of cleaning.


After cleaning, defects and adhesives that were camouflaged in manufacture previously may become apparent. Natural defects cannot be disguised despite great care. We accept item(s) for cleaning at your own risk.

Sometimes, wear and tear gets hidden due to dirt and discoloration of your leather item(s). With our cleaning process, faults may become visible. You will be notified shortly if any such thing happens to upgrade service for you. We will not be liable for this damage as it is not caused by our cleaning process.

Looks & Feels

The texture of your item(s) may change slightly due to the application of our services. TLL will do its best to restore the original look and texture of your item using our products.

After the leather item(s) are cleaned, dirt is removed, and as a result, they may lose their shine. We will not be liable for any such circumstances. However, additional service will be required to increase the shine on leather.

When restoring the color of the full item, we will match the color to the original part of your leather item using areas of its inside pocket that has little or no exposure to sun and wear and tear.

Terms & Conditions

The Leather Lab can exercise the right to make necessary changes to our terms & conditions at any stage without prior notice.